People are our greatest asset. We aim to build a comfortable working environment where everyone can realize their full potential. In order to stimulate employees’ professional development, we offer employee bonus, on job training and comprehensive welfare. Sincerity is our commitment to all the employees.



Employee Bonus Welfare

Over-time pay, Non-leave pay, New Year bonus, Birthday Gift Certificates, Year-end bonus and Gifts.

Labor Welfare

Yinsh follows the guidelines of optional leave every month, Maternity Leave for male employees, Menstruation Leave and Annual Leave. (Based on Labor Standards Law)

Insurance Welfare

Labor and Health Insurance, Pension, Group Insurance, Medical Staff.

Dining Welfare

Staff restaurant, lunch & dinner for free.

Clothing Provided

Staff uniforms provided by the company.

Housing arrangement

Staff provided with a dormitory or place to stay.

Company outings offered

Group tours and other social activities arranged for employees.

Allowance welfare

Yinsh Provides Scholarships, Wedding subsidies, Childbirth subsidies, Employees with internal training, Untimely Death subsidies and Funeral subsidies to Dependents.

Additional Employee Bonuses

Yinsh offers Target bonuses, Profit-sharing bonuses and Year-end bonuses