1. 二O二一


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    1. 二O二O


      Won the 5th Technical and Vocational Education Contribution Award of the Ministry of Education

    2. 2020

      YinshPrecision accepts praise as the mask national team

    1. 二O一九


      Yinsh Precision won the Fifth Excellent Backbone Enterprise Award and the Excellent Backbone Enterprise Award for Building a Friendly Workplace by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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    1. 二O一八


    2. 2018

      2018 Dali Smart Factory groundbreaking ceremony

    1. 二O一七


      Won the seventh aboriginal group champion of slow pitch softball - President Cup

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    1. 二O一六


      Won the sixth aboriginal group champion of slow pitch softball - President Cup

    2. 2015

      Earned the certification for Force Calibration Lab Certified by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation.

    1. 二O一四


      Set up “Volunteers” to deliver all our love to the community

    2. 2014

      Precision Locknut Inspection Lab got TAF certification.

    3. 2013

      Awarded the 10th National Brand YuShan Award.

    1. 二O一三


      Awarded the Thirth National Industrial Innovation Award.

    2. 2013

      Got "Fastening Structure of Screw Nut", " Precision Locking Nut Having Multiple Locking Mechanism Modes" and "Rotary Shaft Locknut" patents.

    1. 二O一二


      Awarded the 21st National Outstanding SMEs Award.

    2. 2012

      Established the first Precision Locknuts R&D and Testing Lab in the Machine Tools Industry.

    3. 2010

      Granted a number of scholarships, especially to students who are from low income families but study hard.

    1. 二O一O


      Got the certification for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

    2. 2008

      Started Academia-Industrial Cooperation Project.

    3. 2008

      Awarded the 11th annual Rising Star Award.

    4. 2006

      Awarded the 14th annual Taiwan Excellence Award.

    5. 2003

      Officially certified the ISO 14001 work environment safety authentication in March

    6. 2001

      Officially certified the OHSAS18001 in September.

    1. 二OOO


      Start to cooperate with WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT AGENCY, MINISTRY OF LABOR - Taichung-Changhua-Nantou Regional Branch for School-Business partnership.

    2. 1999

      Officially certified the ISO9002 in September.

    3. 1994

      The company reorganized to establish Yinsh Precision Industrial Co., Ltd., expanding services to the domestic market with production of small scale precision ball screws and machining threads for spindles.

    4. 1989

      Officially established the company as"YINSH PRECISION IND. CO., LTD." and the main product is Precision Locknut.