Axial Force Sensor Released

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Axial Force Sensor Features

Optical measuring technique and nonlinear calibration method for our axial force sensor.

Precision Locknut Inspection Lab

Besides the global industry needs of high speed, high accuracy, specialized features and multifunctional machinery, Yinsh also focuses on improving the efficiency and quality of the products it offers its customers. By modifying product costs in line with customer needs Yinsh can offer better service and higher quality products.

Precision Measuring Lab

Yinsh provides employees with an internal training curriculum to enhance overall quality and welfare of their employees. Yinsh also purchases precision manufacturing equipment with a strong emphasis on Incoming Quality Control, In-process Quality Control and Final Inspections ensuring all products are of the highest quality.

Yinsh uses the highest quality testing equipment, such as Hardness Testing Machines, Vision Measuring Systems, Surface Roughness Testers and 3D Coordinate Measuring Machines. Furthermore, Yinsh uses the SPC (Statistical Process Control) method to collect inspection data and carry out statistical analysis to improve the quality control process in order to increase the quality of their products. To ensure consistent quality control, any defects or abnormalities to the quality control process will immediately be modified to ensure reliable and accurate quality control procedures.

Force Calibration Lab

As our new product “Axial Force Sensor” released, we can keep close tabs on the quality of our products. Force Calibration Lab also obtained TAF certificate in 2015. It not only achieves the highest strength of standard in domestic, but is also the source of the stability in our Precision Locknuts Inspection Lab. By doing so, we believe we can consolidate both R&D and marketing.

Axial Force Sensor, the quality of our products has been enhanced. Engineered with a high-tech design and providing the highest quality service.