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Employee Welfare

  1. Employee Bonus Welfare: Over-time pay, Non-leave pay, New Year bonus, Birthday Gift Certificates, Year-end bonus and Gifts.
  2. Labor Welfare: Yinsh follows the guidelines of optional leave every month, Maternity Leave for male employees, Menstruation Leave and Annual Leave. (Based on Labor Standards Law)
  3. Insurance Welfare: Labor and Health Insurance, Pension, Group Insurance, Medical Staff.
  4. Dining Welfare: Staff restaurant, lunch & dinner for free.
  5. Clothing Provided: Staff uniforms provided by the company.
  6. Housing arrangement: Staff provided with a dormitory or place to stay.
  7. Company outings offered: Group tours and other social activities arranged for employees.
  8. Allowance welfare: Yinsh Provides Scholarships, Wedding subsidies, Childbirth subsidies, Employees with internal training, Untimely Death subsidies and Funeral subsidies to Dependents.
  9. Additional Employee Bonuses: Yinsh offers Target bonuses, Profit-sharing bonuses and Year-end bonuses